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Our Privacy Policy

The information we are collecting on your access to our website is purely confidential. This site is guided under the strict surveillance from the website authority. No personal information by any means will be passed on to any other third parties under any circumstances.

The information that will be captured by the system while your visit to our website is your IP address. Your personal information like your name, location and e-mail address will not be used for any other applications. When you visit our site onlinedegreepost, the IP address and the web log information is tracked by the system such as which browser is used. No information related to the location, domain, routes and e-mail id would be shared.

For internal purposes, the IP address will be checked.

When any one all over the world access our website a small, data file called a cookie takes place on the system and with the help of these cookies, information such as how many times the user has used the website and the multiple pages browsed by the user is logged. Once the user logs out or closes his/her browser, the cookie expires. There are some cookies that are long lasting, where the e-mail of the customer pops up every time customer visits the site. This will help us to recognize the customer and there is no need to type the e-mail id repeatedly.

Our website has the tie up with leading advertising agencies across the web, which is helpful for any kind of publicity on the internet. We have partners like Google, Real Cast media, Max worldwide and Commission Junctions. These companies may update you about their respective products, which might interest you.

The personal information gathered by the system is to provide smooth and efficient services, any kind of assistance will be provided if user needs.