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Doctoral DegreesWhat is an Online Doctoral Degree?

An online doctoral degree is very useful for individuals who wish to do research in a particular field and have already completed their masters degree. It is the highest educational level. Hence, it is necessary to carefully select the online doctoral degree that will fulfill your desires and career aspirations.

This site is very useful for the individuals who wish to do online doctoral degrees as it also provides you with details about the different doctoral degrees which are offered in various subjects and the universities.

The merits of opting for the online doctoral degree are mentioned below:

  • It will help you to complete the program and also undertake all the job responsibilities of your job. It will help you to properly manage your time and successfully complete your research study and get the doctoral degree.

  • It requires less expenses than the traditional doctoral programs undertaken. You can do it at home as per the schedules that you have prepared.

  • It will update you with the latest research findings and also take part in the discussions with prominent people in your field which would be helpful in your research.

  • It will help you to complete the research work at your own pace.

A Doctorate Online Degree is currently the highest degree in North America. A Doctorate or doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) is training for research and is required if the student want to become a professor in a university.

Admission to a doctoral degree is based on the student's bachelor and master degree, and a considerable amount of experience in the field. If you can demonstrate your relevant expertise then you may not need a master's degree by some institutions. The Doctoral degrees may take 5 to 8 years to complete due to high expectations of the final research work.

Following are some Doctorate Online degrees and their abbreviations which indicate field of study:

  • Doctor of Art of Administration - DA
  • Doctor of Business Administration - DBA
  • Education Doctorate - EdD
  • Doctor of Public Administration - DPA
  • Engineering Doctorate - EngD
  • Psycology Doctorate - PsyD
  • Doctor of Science - DSc
  • Doctor of Humanities - DHum

Doctoral degree programs offered online by universities may include:

  • Arts and Humanities - The Arts and Humanities category contains the information about traditional humanities subjects like modern languages, history and English literature.

  • Business and MBA - An online degree in business, management will helpful for starting an exciting new career.

  • Teaching and Education - Teaching and Education degree is a practical way for the teachers who want to keep up with continuing educational licensure requirements.

  • Health, Medicine and Human Services - It includes instruction in the psychology, social sciences, principles of social service, planning and evaluation, human services policy, social services law and administration.

  • Science and Technology - The students are capable of understanding the fundamental laws and basic principles related to particular technology.